__User Feedback

I put the socks through their paces: on shorter and longer runs, before and during competitions and during training sessions. They are comfortable to wear and I have the feeling that they have a good effect on my blood circulation. I particularly noticed this because the acideamia I had in the past, during interval runs, wash´t as bad and so I could perform better. The typical ache you can get in your calf muscles after hard track training also disappears with these socks. During weight training, I have the feeling that the typical aching in your muscles isn´t as pronounced as usual. I find it great that you can vary the amount of compression (such as regular or professional). I always wear the professional socks for training and the regular ones for regeneration. In triathlons I have always worn the tubes. I always used to get cramps but now that´s a thing of the past. The material is also very pleasant to wear. Even when the outdoor temperatures were very high, I always had the feeling that my feet weren´t too hot.

Uwe D., Ifa Nonstop Triathlon