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TriRockets Bamberg

TriRockets Bamberg

I can definitely say that the compression socks have helped me in two ways:

1. My shin splint, which often comes back when I push myself hard, went away very quickly after I started wearing the socks regularly in harder competitions.

2. I was particularly surprised by the regeneration of my legs - I hardly had any pain at all the day after a hard competition. They also served me well during longer races, as well as during sprints.
Whether they helped me run faster I couldn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t say for sure - I can only say that whilst running - particularly in the triathlon - I felt more stable and the above points definitely meant an improvement - one that I can attribute to the compression socks.

I found the Tube particularly comfortable because you can sprinkle it with water before a competition. This has a very noticeable cooling effect. Apart from that you can wear them under the Neo, which means a lot less hassle during the transition.


Tom, Tri Rockets Bamberg