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I usually use the 'professional' socks for competitions and intensive training and the 'regular' socks more for regenerative training and after training. Of course in triathlons I use the tubes. In the past, whilst cycling under high pressure, I often felt a pull in the upper part of my calves. I found that this problem went away altogether when I used the 'professional' socks and tubes.  I also had the feeling that the tiredness that I usually felt in my muscles wash´t as pronounced and that by wearing the 'regular' socks in the regeneration phase, they supported the process of regeneration. I particularly noticed this during a two-part sprinting competition in which the swimming and running components at intervals of 4 hours were followed by cycling and then running again. As well as the compression itself, I also find the socks very comfortable to wear especially on the foot part. Altogether a fantastic sock for running in!

Rüdiger H., Ifa Nonstop Triathlon