__User Feedback

Since spring 2011 I use O-motion and my legs became younger and stronger. i used the compression socks to the training and competitions. Because of the compression socks my legs didn´t suffer during the running, even not when I change to cycling and back to running. Between two trainings in a day I use the regular socks and my legs feel fresh by the second training too. Before wearing the upper leg tubes my muscles always suffer by cycling, but with them I didn´t feel pain, even not after 200 km of cycling. During the competition I never had cramps and thanks to O-motion compression socks I have better results. I´m using the O-motion regular socks even when I travel that my legs don´t swell. In a half Ironman I used the O-motion socks so that I could run a half marathon in 1.15 after cycling with an average of 40 km/h. Three days after the Ironman I could train again without pain. This is the first year after the competitions my legs didn´t pain, even not my knees. The upper leg tubes and the calf tubes never slide down and resist using and washing many times. I just recommend everyone to use the O-motion products because they can change your health and your results can get better.