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The Transalpine-Run is behind us now. One year of preparation and now it´s all over - somehow strange. We had a fantastic week with sunshine, cool weather and a route that ran through unbelievably beautiful countryside - the best conditions one could hope for. And O-motion brought us smoothly through the mountains: the whole time I only got one blister on my heel, Volker L. didn´t even get one - and he usually has his feet covered in blood after a day´s hiking.
The regeneration was perfect. Despite a daily route of 35 km at heights of 2500 m, we hardly had any feeling of "heavy legs". We ran with the professionals and afterwards, in the afternoons and evenings during the rest phase, we wore the tubes - which really paid off. It is also noteworthy that we washed the socks by hand in the evenings and in the mornings they were already dry - just from hanging them in our room.

So all in all lot´s of praise for O-motion!


Michael S. und Volker L. / Trans Alpine Run