__O-motion compression sports socks    regular

Ideal for

  • compression beginners
  • hobby sportsmen and women
  • the regeneration phase



O-motion compression sports socks - Advantages and how you can improve performance:

— Compression Strength you can feel

— Anatomical Compression Gradient

  • better blood circulation
  • a quicker warm-up
  • more oxygen
  • more energy

— Reduced Risk of Injury

  • higher initial muscle tension (proprioception)
  • better coordination
  • reduced muscle vibration
  • more stability

Faster Recovery

  • less fatigue
  • quicker decomposition of lactate

— More Comfort 

  • anatomically knitted (left/right)
  • anatomically padded (toes, instep, Achilles tendon and heel protectors)
  • ultra-flat seams

— Xtra Dry Thread (with silver)

  • against overheating
  • against blisters
  • against bacteria and foot odour





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