__O-motion professional upper leg tubes

Ideal for

  • all types of sport which involve fast explosive movements
  • runners
  • triathletes
  • track and field athletes
  • ball sportsmen and women



  • extra perfect fit using measurements of the circumference and length of the leg
  • stabilisation of the thigh muscles through extra strong compression
  • helps prevent muscular problems in the thigh
  • better blood circulation - more energy
  • a delay in muscular fatigue
  • can be used for regeneration - also under everyday clothing

An extra advantage for cyclists and triathletes: the tubes can be used with the accustomed trousers and seat pad. There is no need to invest in new trousers or get accustomed to a new seat pad. 



For the perfect size with correct measurements - please use our:
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Perfect fit with correct measurements:

> measurement chart