__O-motion professional calf tubes

Ideal for

  • all those who wish to benefit from the advantages of compression, but do not want to do without their regular sports socks - for example, because their sports shoes are matched to the strength of their regular sock insoles

  • triathletes - because the tubes can be worn under a wetsuit and they can therefore save time putting on the compression socks when they change to the bike component

  • footballers who can then wear their regular protection including shin guards over the tubes, without having double the amount of material on their foot. The fit on the foot remains the same as they are used to, and with it the accustomed feeling for the ball.

  • or all those who prefer to run barefoot in their shoes



O-motion professional tube socks have all the advantages of O-motion professional socks - such as extra strong compression and a perfect fit - in a knee-high sock without a foot part




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