__Joey Kelly and O-motion

As a sportsman, Joey Kelly pushes his body to ever-greater performance. During competitions he has to be able to rely on his team and his equipment. Joey Kelly has been wearing O-motion sports socks in competitions since 2009, and constantly putting them to the test under more and more extreme conditions.



RacingThePlanet - Australia 2010

With this race in Australia, Joey Kelly has successfully completed his 4th desert race.

At RacingThePlanet and its four Deserts Series (that is to say 250 km in a time frame of 6 days), Joey has already run through the Gobi desert in China and the Atacama desert in Chile coming in 4th place respectively.


4. Libyan Challenge (Libyen) / 22.02.-01.03.2009

Race category: cross-country race/ trail
The race was in the Ghat region.

Joey Kelly completed the race in well under the prescribed time limit (35.42) - it was his first run using GPS.



Wok World Cup 2010 - Joey Kelly Wins Silver

> See the highlights here in a video