1. Specialist Medical Machines

    O-motion compression socks are manufactured on specialist medical machines. They make it possible to produce socks with extra strong compression. O-motion professional stockings are produced according to the medical compression class two.

    There are distinct advantages to this:
    Firstly, the extra strong compression means an even better support of the blood flow and thereby an even more effective oxygen supply. The second advantage of stronger compression is the improved stabilization of the muscular system and the associated guard against typical sports injuries such as: calf cramps, ruptures of muscle fibre and shin splint.

  2. Power Thread

    350 metres of compression thread (poweryarn) of 430 denier are used per sock! Denier is used to measure the strength of thread in a comparison between length and weight. The denier number shows the weight of a fibre of 9000 metres in length. The principle is: the higher the denier number, the tighter the sock. As well as the material itself, the manufacturing process also plays an important role in achieving the desired compression effect.

  3. The Compression Process

    It is vitally important that the compression is strongest at the ankle and continues to drop off as the compression is graduated up the leg until at the knee the compression pressure is weaker. This is guaranteed by our technically sophisticated methods of production. However, the correct sizing of the compression socks in accordance with the individual measurements of the sportsman or woman's legs is also of central importance. 

  4. No Annoying Seams

    O-motion sports socks are produced in a so-called round knit process.  This involves keeping the number of stitches the same over the whole sock.  Differences in circumference and compression are achieved by altering the size of the stitches and the tension of the thread.

    The socks don?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t have any annoying seams that can cause pressure marks. Moreover, the O-motion machines have a device for looping the tips of the toes. Therefore, no seams are needed in this particularly sensitive toe area.

  5. Extra Comfort

    In addition, O-motion thread is inverted with XtraDry Fresh functional jarn. This ensures a particularly fast absorption of moisture on the skin: protects against blisters, bacteria and foot odour.

    Anatomical Left/Right-Foot

    Achilles heel protection

    Pressure protection for toes, instep and heel

  6. Certified Safety

    O-motion compression sport socks are certified by ÖkoTex Standard 100 and as a result, do not contain any materials or colours which are harmful to your skin.